motorised gates south east england

motorised gates south east england
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motorised gates south east england
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How to Mark Household Property

Use your POSTCODE as recommended by the Police. If your postcode does not identify your home uniquely, add your house number or name. Mark your existing property, remember articles in your garage and garden shed. Keep your property marking kit readily available and get into the mindset that, whenever you buy something of value - MARK IT! Use the correct marker, the Diamarker, Ceramic marker, Permanent Ink marker and UV marker as explained in the instructions. Where appropriate, mark items in several places. For instance, mark the motherboard where it shows at the back of your PC (so that detection cannot be avoided by changing the cover). Complete your Marked Item Record Card with the item's description, where marked, it's serial number and it's value. Display your Theft Deterrent Labels in your windows. The message you are giving to a potential thief is "Our property is security marked - you will have a problem selling it".

How to Mark your Mobile Phone

Property mark your mobile phone with your postcode. Record your IMEI number (15 digit serial number) You get this by entering *#06# on your mobile 'phone. Use your mobile phone security PIN number (Because you can't be sure who's watching, we advise NOT to use the same PIN as your credit card). Be aware of the area you are in and the people around you.

DO NOT Give your mobile phone to strangers who seek to use it. Leave your mobile phone unattended. Carry mobile phone overtly. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen contact your service provider: Orange 0973 100 150 One to One 0958 121121 or *0845 4 12 11 21 (*Local charges apply) Vodafone 0836 1191 Cellnet 0990 214000 Previous Page

How to Mark your Cycle or Motorcycle

Ensure the area to be marked is clean and dry. Mark your POSTCODE and house number writing in a size which will fit within the clear label. To indicate where you have written it, make small pencil marks immediately before and after the postcode. Place the two theft deterrent labels in prominent positions You can use the other "Property of" labels to mark your helmet or accessories. In addition, for motorcycles, mark your postcode on the fairing panels and any parts which can easily be removed.

How to Mark your Car and it's Contents

Write your VIN number with a permanent marker pen in various positions inside the car using your ingenuity. Use the UV Marker to write your POSTCODE and house number on items kept in the car or on accessories. Use self adhesive tamper evident labels on your Radio and Car 'Phone. Record the details of where you have marked in the Record Card provided.

Neighbourhood watch groups consist of local residents working together to improve security in the community and help prevent crime. They have links with the local police and other crime prevention agencies, and can warn residents of crime trends in their area. Members may also keep an eye on each other's homes during holidays or share useful security devices such as timer switches.

Take precautions when you go away If you're going away, you can reduce the risk of a break-in by: Leave a light on if you're going to be out during the evening, but not so as to draw unnecessary attention to your home. You could also consider getting a timer switch to control the lights automatically. You can buy these from most DIY stores. Ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home. This could include opening and shutting curtains, switching lights on and off and making sure post and papers are pushed through your letterbox properly. Remember to cancel paper and milk deliveries before you go away.