electric gates greater london

electric gates greater london
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electric gates greater london
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In Piazza Dante is situated one of the most famous and frequented gates of the city: Port' Alba. In this zone there are famous bookstores, pizzerias, antiquaries and shops. In Piazza Bellini you can admire the statue of Bellini and a piece of the Greek Walls of the IV century, discovered in 1951. From the square you can arrive in the seventeenth-century via of Santa Maria di Constantinople where stand out many buildings and ancient churches. An important work is the theatre Bellini, realized for the first time in 1864 in Largo delle Fosse del Grano then systematized in 1877 in the present centre, in 1988 it has been completely restored. To admire the building that houses the Academy of Belle Arti (1863), built on the rests of an ancient convent on a project of Enrico Alvino; the rich art gallery has been stolen during the years. One important route is the National Archaeological Museum (1500), the building was turned to museum in 1777 to preserve the archaeological finds coming from the excavations of the countries Vesuviani. On the left of the Museum climbs via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi, that will bring us to the staircase that unites it with Capodimonte, where once arrived we will find the circle of Capodimonte, the church della Madonna del Buon Consiglio, called also San Pietro and the Palace of Capodimonte, an ancient estate of hunting built for Charles of Borbone where there was also a famous factory of porcelains, today it is also the centre of a famous Museum where precious collections of porcelains and a rich art gallery are preserved.

Letsaykan Sluice gate and city wall

Mrauk-U is an ancient capital of Rakhine where abundant cultural heritage lies. Study of the old capital is like study of a cultural knowledge bank. In the city where 48 kings ruled for 355 years from AD 1430 to AD 1785, we can still see stupas, pagodas, temples, the sites of monasteries, palace, granaries, city walls, turrets, banquettes, barricades, garrisons, various types of moats and gates in original forms or in ruin. Out of these cultural heritage, it would be a good idea to have some knowledge of the old gates. There are three walls; palace wall, city wall and city boundary wall in Mrauk-U. Total length of the walls was about 19 miles. At the walls, winded, main and sluice gates were constructed.

The gates of the palace

The compounds of the palace was divided with three walls. The name of the gates constructed at the walls were Mingalar, Ape’, Nanthakan, Taungnan, Pankhondaw, Sindaw, East and West. Some famous gates are as follows;

Mingalar gate was northeast gate of the second compound to the north of the palace. It is located a few yards away from the former office of Township Peace and Development Council. Royal people used the gate for auspicious ceremonies.

Ape’ gate was the west gate of the second compound to the north of the palace. It is located to the west of Mingalar gate. It was used by royal people for funerals.

Nanthakan gate located at the east wall of the first compound was used by royal people to go to the Nanthakan Lake to the east of the second compound to the east of the palace.

Nanthakan Lake to the east of the second compound to the east of the palace. The gates consturcted at the walls to the north of the palace were Mingalar, Pyanpyaw, Biluma (Sluice gate), Tayzarama, Natdon, (sluice gate), Tabindaing, Kanthonsint, Khringaik (Chaing Kaik), Minthamee, Yehla, Waikhin and Nganandon.

Natdon sluice gate

In northern part of the city, Panzee Myaung Creek which links Lemro river. The creek was created as an active moat and installed with an adjustable sluice gate; Natdon. The gate was to the north of Natdon wall and over 100 yards to the east of Tabindaing gate.